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Development of “Connecting Business”
A small group dedicated to monozukuri, or manufacturing prowess ? this is the ideal form of Onogawa Electric Works.
Our mission is to offer comprehensive, optimized services leveraging our long-term experience in monozukuri, thereby realizing customer needs. Onogawa Electric Works aspires to connect people, and their feelings and thoughts, and tackle new challenges for the future, to make many people happy through our achievements.
Toward that end, we will develop a “connecting business” by further improving our ability to foster human resources and to continue monozukuri, based on our minimalist philosophy advocated since our foundation.
We will keep challenging amid the evolving business situation, aiming for harmonious coexistence with people all over the world.
We would appreciate your continued support.

Manabu Onogawa, Representative Director and President

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  • To leverage adventurous spirits and dreams
  • Through our monozukuri
  • To improve society.
  • Management philosophy 1
    • To provide service of the highest level, thereby satisfying everyone including customers, employees, and partners.
  • Management philosophy 2
    • To create an environment that develops human resources and attracts talented individuals through our dedication to learn from others.
  • Management philosophy 3
    • To have the courage to challenge new things.
    • Our minimalist philosophy will achieve maximum results, thus conserving resources to tackle future challenges.

Corporate Profile

Company Profile

Company name Onogawa Co.,Ltd.
Representative Manabu Onogawa, Representative Director and President
Established April 1978
Capital 10 million yen
Settlement of accounts August
Businesses Manufacture of connectors (for automobiles, smartphones, and others); design and manufacture of production facilities and molds (pressing, plating, injection molding, and embossing)
No. of employees 122 (as of April 1, 2020)
Office ■Head Office, No. 1 Plant
Iwaki Yotsukura Central Industrial Park, 1-23 Aza Yoshinosawa, Yotsukura Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 979-0201
Phone: 0246-32-4212 Fax: 0246-32-4210

■No. 2 Plant
Iwaki Yotsukura Central Industrial Park, 1-61 Aza Yoshinosawa, Yotsukura Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 979-0201
Phone: 0246-84-7461 Fax: 0246-84-7462

■Vietnam Plant
Scheduled to start operation in FY2020 (at Hai Duong)





  • Early period
  • Period of change(encounter with connectors)
  • Automobile transformation period

【 Topix 】

We started business in 1978 with the assembly of automobile stereo audio systems, then commenced the assembly of various electronic equipment.
Thanks to the strong economy, our business grew steadily: we established a new plant in 1985 to secure sufficient production capacity to meet customer needs. Unfortunately, however, the subsequent economic recession caused many manufacturers, which were our customers, to shift their production to other countries to reduce labor costs. As a result, our production gradually became unstable.
One of the reasons for such instability was that we only assembled products into the finished state, and so the production volume fluctuated with the demand for assembled products.
We realized that if we did not change, we would not be able to continue monozukuri in Japan.
April 1978 Founded Onogawa Co.,Ltd. in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
(Capital: 5 million yen)
Started assembling automobile stereo audio systems.
May 1984 Started assembling hard disks.
May 1985 Established a new plant (floor area of 200 m2).
May 1990 Started mounting industrial printed boards.

【 Topix 】

During our difficult times, we spotted connectors, which are electronic parts aligned in boards inside products. Triggered by one fortunate encounter, we started producing connectors, and our production volume increased steadily as the IT industry, including PCs and smartphones, grew.
As smartphones required lighter, smaller connectors of higher quality, with micron precision, we struggled with stable production and faced a major challenge in monozukuri. We could not survive with our current technical and technological capabilities. What did we need as a monozukuri company?
We discussed these issues seriously. We also sought the help of pioneers in this field, and decided to obtain novel technologies, triggered by one fortunate encounter.
After about 10 years, our efforts paid off.
July 1997 Started manufacturing connectors for IT devices.
May 2000 Started manufacturing automotive connectors.
August 2003 Started assembling connectors for mobile phones (micro connectors).
Micro connectors are narrow-pitch connectors of the world’s smallest class.
August 2004 Started injection molding for micro connectors.
April 2005 Started pressing for micro connectors.
April 2006 Increased the capital to 10 million yen.
April 2007 Established No. 2 Plant (floor area of 1200 m2).
December 2007 Started operation of a new production system for micro connectors, with monthly production capacity of 10 million units.
May 2008 Established HQ Plant (floor area of 1500 m2) in Iwaki Yotsukura Central Industrial Park in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.
(Boosted monthly production capacity to 20 million units.)
July 2008 Started plating terminals for micro connectors.

【 Topix 】

Our “connecting business” has kept evolving, and the auto industry too has entered a period of transformation toward the new era of safe and environmentally friendly vehicles. Vehicles equipped with automatic braking, electric vehicles, connected cars, autonomous driving, and maybe even flying vehicles in the future.
The number of connectors used in vehicles has drastically increased due to electronic control, bringing fiercer competition in the market. As automotive connectors must withstand severe environments, customers demand ever-stricter quality.
Thus, we are still tackling new challenges to keep up with evolving technologies for automotive parts and improving our monozukuri capabilities to provide higher levels of products and services.
May 2009 Started injection molding for automotive connectors.
June 2011 Established Iwate Plant in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture (in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake).
April 2013 Started pressing terminals for automotive connectors.
March 2014 Acquired certification under the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
April 2015 Won a quality award by achieving zero quality complaints for 3,650 days.
July 2016 Established No. 2 Plant (floor area of 2400 m2) in Iwaki Yotsukura Central Industrial Park.
August 2016 Started plating for automotive connectors.
Started operation of a new production system for automotive connectors.
April 2018 Acquired certification under the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.(Plan to acquire certification under IATF 16949 in FY2020.)
October 2020 Established a subsidiary in Vietnam.
March 2021 No. 2 Plant acquired certification under IATF 16949.

~Organization Chart~

Organization Chart


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