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We seek staff who love challenges and can fulfill dreams through monozukuri for the future!

We seek those who are ...

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Application Requirements

Application Requirements

For new graduates

● Management

Leaders and executive candidates for the management planning, quality assurance, quality control, and production management departments.

● Engineering

Production engineers engaged in the design and development of molds and various equipment (automated systems, robots, etc.)
Manufacturing engineers handling various technologies (pressing, plating, injection molding, embossing, and assembling)
Starting salary Master’s graduates: Basic salary of 248,000 yen + allowances
University graduates: 218,000 yen + allowances
Technology college graduates: 212,000 yen + allowances
Junior college/professional school graduates: 192,000 yen + allowances
High school graduates: 178,000 yen + allowances
Allowances Executive allowance, production allowance, skill allowance, commuting allowance, etc.
Salary increase Once a year (assessed in the last month of the fiscal year)
Bonus Once a year (performance-based)
Working hours 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Holidays and leaves Saturdays and Sundays, new year holidays, summer holidays, paid leave, and other company holidays as per our annual calendar
Welfare Social security insurance benefits, employees’ social gatherings, employee excursions, overseas training
Career recruitment
Regarding the treatment, we will give preferential treatment in consideration of the experience so far.

Entry Form

Entry Form

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